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Bob Kondner

Bob Kondner has been engineering electronic circuits and writing firmware / software for 40+ years. Automation of SMT assembly was started in 2001 and these services are available from Advanced Assembly in Aurora Colorado. SlingShot Assembly provides fast turn PCB Assembly.

While these companies provide exceptions services and turn times the need to organize material for engineering and for long lead time items is essential. PartSync is the only available system with integrated material handling, bar code labeling and BOM management. Also included in PartSync are means for datasheet storage, CAD footprint generation and purchase list management.

Existing component management solutions are available on the market but nothing seemed to fit right:

  • MRP Systems are too big.
  • Spreadsheets systems to simplistic.
  • SaaS systems are expensive and I want to own my data.
  • Vendor BOM tools do not service other vendors and they are not optimized for supplying lowest component prices.
  • Interfaces to CAD Tools are required. Input files and PCB Design Footprints are required.
  • Making CAD libraries "Light Weight" by moving component attributes into a DB works very well.
  • A means is required for tracking and handling components.
  • Barcode tagging is required, managing datasheet collections very nice.

Starting with a Parts & Vendors (P&V, a very robust but now discontinued product.) database schema additional tables were added using a modern development tool (Delphi). All code functions were re-written from scratch. PartSync DBs can still (as of May 2016) be opened in P&V 6 product if you have a copy. (P&V is no longer sold.)

I wanted a system completely decoupled from other vendors. I wanted a scheme for supplying generic part data in a "Approved Vendor List" manner. (The PartSync Reference DB) I wanted  to avoiding the complexity of client / server solutions yet support multiple users. Data backup is critical. A shared LAN environment using WinDAC tools with data repositories was an excellent solution and the tools were free, or at least part of Windows.

So, I wrote it. Took me 2.5 years of background effort, I hope you like it. Let me know.

Also, see my SunDuino product at www.sunduino.com.

Bob Kondner

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In addition to Partsync database we have years of previous design experience with high power and special features for OEM customers. Experience with batteries ranges from tiny coin cells to 100Kg lead acid batteries. Temperature ranges have been from -40°C through +80°C with power over 1KW. We have tools for winding prototype coils (very important for power supply design) and precision spot welders for battery pack prototypes.

If you have an application where you have questions just ask us. If we don't know we will tell you. If we have something that might help we can get you some information. Consider us a resource, we are happy to answer questions.


As an EE for the last 40 years I have seen a lot of engineers designing hardware products. Designers always need to build a small number of units for test followed by a complete BOM to pass over to production. Corporate wide MRP / ERP system are large rigid systems that take careful feeding.  In general those systems are not an engineers best friend, CAD tool libraries are where engineers must organize our part data. CAD tools are not database development tools by a long shot. Many department bloat their schematic libraries with many component attributes. These "Heavily Loaded" libraries make designing slow and inefficient. CAD tool libraries make for terrible database applications.

The engineering community requires a better way to manage parts than what is found in CAD tools or their add-on applications. PartSync was designed over top an existing open  database and added were the missing functions required by the engineering community. The ability to change part numbers without breaking lists allows PartSync to play in parallel with existing MRP system. Material handling, location and labeling were added. Many small organizations lack these corporate MRP system and PartSync add many required missing features at a very low cost.

PartSync uses identical  MS Access databases for Working DB, Referece DB and part info Repositories. These robust JET/ACE DBs work for multiple users on LAN file share or as blazing fast DBs on desktop machines. Files of type .mdb and .accdb can be opened by many tools on many system. PartSync is a developer friendly system built by engineers for engineers.

Bob Kondner


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